The AngioTheraGnostics project is based on the idea of fighting cancer's therapeutic resistance from a coordinated dual perspective – development of novel inhibitors to prevent resistance accompanied by a diagnostic test of patient selection.


To find a solution for a medical need in patients with advanced cancer.

To find the right treatment to improve life expectancy and outcomes in cancer patients.

To reduce the risk of toxicity hence improving quality of life.


We have identified a new predictive drug companion biomarker, RF-1.

An innovative anti-cancer therapeutic target to prevent resistance in metastatic patients.

A plasma biomarker able to identify who would be benefit from the target inhibition.


Oriol Casanovas, PhD.
Group leader He is ERC-StG Fellow and Group Leader of Tumoral Angiogenesis group. His research has been focused on determining tumor adaptation and resistance to antiangiogenic cancer therapy.
Gabriela Jiménez, PhD.
Scientific Project Manager As an entrepreneur, she has an important role in interfacing between the project and the business area, as well as, the responsability to run the project on a day-to-day basis.
Ramón Salazar, MD PhD.

He is the Clinical Oncology Expert, he will provide his medical expertise and knowledge to support the clinical development activities.