Our people are our strength

Core team

Oriol Casanovas Casanovas, PhD.
Scientific Expert

His research has been focused on determining tumor adaptation and resistance to anti-angiogenic cancer therapy.

Gabriela Jiménez Valerio, PhD.

Educated in biomedicine and pharmaceutical industry with business-oriented mindset and leadership skills.

Ramón Salazar, MD, PhD.
Clinical Oncology Expert

He will provide his medical expertise and knowledge to support the clinical development activities.


Bart Huisken
Bart Huisken, MBA.
Strategic Advisor

Richard Roberts, PhD.
Medicinal Chemistry Advisor

Research team

Our academic founders have played a key role in demonstrating that resistance to cancer therapy occurs in response to adaptive mechanisms of tumor cells.

We are part of the Program Against Cancer Therapeutic Resistance (ProCURE)

We research angiogenesis and tumor malignization

We are always looking for new talent to join our team